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Contemporary Ministries, B.A.

[Contemporary Ministries—2104.10]

Students who take the Contemporary Ministries major are prepared for graduate study or for work in a church or para-church organization. The Contemporary Ministries major requires course work within the Division to form the theoretical base but also draws upon other fields of study, thereby allowing students to design programs appropriate to their own interests and goals for community and church service.


Minimum Total Hours:

Total Liberal Arts Hours: 90

General Education Requirements: Per General Education list (see General Education Division).  Students should take the Religion version of PHL 202.

Minimum Requirements: GPA of 2.0 in the major and 2.3 overall; no grade less than C- in the major.

Transfer Requirements: See institutional transfer policies; 24 of the 72 hours in the major must be done at RWC including 12 hours in the core; students transferring into the Contemporary Ministries major from Elim Bible Institute (EBI) should refer to the RWC/EBI transfer agreement.

Application to the Major: Special application form and requirements to be secured from the Division of Religion & Humanities or online at the Division's intranet site and submitted at the end of the sophomore year. (Note: The standard institutional major application will not be accepted.)  A minimum overall GPA of 2.3 is required for acceptance to the major.

Major Requirements: 73 hours as follows:

  • 37-hour core:
    • BIB 200;
    • PHL 208;
    • PHL 402;
    • THE 200;
    • THE 275;
    • THE 305;
    • one 200-level Old Testament course (BIB 206 or 208);
    • one 200-level New Testament course (BIB 201 or 202);
    • one upper-division Old Testament course (BIB 301 or 308);
    • one upper-division New Testament course (BIB 304, 305, or 306);
    • one upper-division theology course (THE 325, 375, or 401);
    • one history of philosophy course (PHL 301, 302, or 303);
    • one church history course (HST 302, 306,  307, or 308).
  • An 18-hour Ministry minor;
  • An 18-hour Ministry focus selecting from Pastoral Ministry, Youth and Family Ministry, Music Ministry, or Urban/Cross-Cultural Ministry. (Students should contact the Division of Religion & Humanities for the required course list for the selected focus.)