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Comprehensive Social Studies, B.A.

[Comprehensive Social Studies—2201]

The Comprehensive Social Studies major gives students a broad exposure to social studies content in addition to history. For students seeking certification in a second content area and having already taken the necessary education courses, this may be used as a basis for alternate certification.


Minimum Total Hours:

Total Liberal Arts Hours: 90

General Education Requirements: Per General Education list (see General Education Division).

Minimum Requirements: GPA of 2.0 in the major and overall; no grade less than C- in the major.

Transfer Requirements: See institutional transfer policies.

Application to the Major: Special application form and requirements to be secured from the Division of Religion & Humanities or online at the Division's intranet site and submitted at the end of the sophomore year. (Note: The standard institutional major application will not be accepted.)  A minimum overall GPA of 2.0 is required for acceptance to the major.

Major Requirements: 39 hours as follows:

  • 9 hours of American history;
  • 9 hours of European history (HST 102/103 cannot count);
  • 6 hours of non-Western history;
  • ECN 200;
  • GEO 201;
  • PSC 302;
  • 6 hours of history electives (The general education complement course -- HST 102 or HST 103 -- can count as a history elective.  It is recommended that one of the electives be HST 420; more than one HST 420 can count as long as the subject/content differs.)