2016-2017 Student Catalog | Doctor of Ministry Program | Admissions

Special Admission Classifications

Provisional Status

Provisional admission to the D.Min. program may be granted in cases where the applicant needs to complete additional master’s-level coursework for M.Div. equivalency and provided the pathway for completion of the master’s-level coursework does not extend beyond the end of the spring semester in which the student intends to enroll in the D.Min. program. The student must successfully complete the M.Div. equivalency coursework by the final date of the spring master’s semester (May) or he/she will not be allowed to register for second semester (fall) D.Min. courses and must temporarily withdraw from the D.Min. program until all M.Div. equivalency requirements are fulfilled.


Unclassified Doctoral Status

Non-degree, post-M.Div. persons, who are not matriculating at Northeastern Seminary or pursuing a D.Min. degree, may register for individual courses if they satisfy admission requirements for the D.Min. program under the “Unclassified Doctoral Student” status. The normal procedure concerning tuition would apply to these persons, and they would be expected to do the required coursework. This admission status is normally reserved for students seeking elective coursework for another D.Min. program or for personal growth after completing the D.Min. degree.

Individual courses are open on a space-available basis, and with the approval of the professor. Contact the admissions office for further information. It is possible for a person who has taken D.Min. courses as an “Unclassified Doctoral Level Student” to petition to move into full D.Min. student status, but additional coursework may be required in some cases.