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You are Gifted. You are Called.

Who are you called to be? What are you called to do?

KNOWING GOD AND KNOWING HOW GOD DESIGNED YOU is key to your journey and finding your purpose!  Where do your interests, talents, faith, and enthusiasm to serve, intersect with the world’s needs?

Listening for God’s call in your life through careful exploration, reflection, discussion, and obedience takes work! Pray, read, research, and consult with friends, family, faculty, and Roberts Career Development professionals, to discern what you love, discover your gifts and strengths, and forge a path that shapes a life of meaning and purpose.

A Roberts education will challenge you to develop your character and self-awareness and build skills in communication, critical thinking, and technology and to experience opportunities to practice teamwork, equity and inclusion, leadership, and professionalism, vital components of career readiness, as identified by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Roberts Career Development will help you find your path to fulfilling work that matches your interests and strengths. We will support you along the way as you search for internships and employment or apply to graduate school.  We will celebrate your successes with you. 

We have designed the the Career Development Plan tool to guide students through critical, engaging activities that will lead to discovering purpose, building confidence, and becoming career ready. Current students can follow the plan here:  Career Development Plan

Career Development Team

Our professional staff is ready to connect with you! Current students and Alumni may schedule an appointment via Handshake (Click Career Center and then New Appointment) or stop in to see how we can assist you.  

Top reasons students and alumni use Career Development:

  • career advisement/choosing a major 
  • career & personal assessment review
  • internship coaching
  • resume & cover letter writing
  • interview and networking preparation
  • employment search
  • graduate school applications

Student Testimonial from a post-meeting survey

I learned so much about resume writing and how to format my resume! I loved how [C.D. professional] emphasized that the resume can be used to make me stand out and helped add a personal flair to it!  My meeting with [C.D. professional] was phenomenal, it was so helpful and I can't wait for employers to see how great my resume is! I would absolutely recommend any student to use the Career Development Center and I'm glad I decided to because it was totally worth it! ~H.C., Teacher Education

Students who align their academic course of study and career paths with their interests and strengths have a much higher rate of success, earning potential, and satisfaction. Identify your interests and strengths and learn what types of occupational fields align with your unique talents:

  • Focus2Career  (current students log in from here: roberts inTRAnet - use access code: redhawks)
  • O*Net Occupational research, salary ranges, interest profiler
  • Strong Interest Inventory - New First-Year students will take this in-depth assessment in First-Year Seminar. New Transfer students may ask Career Development staff for access. 
  • Clifton Strengths Assessment for Students - All First Year Seminar students receive a code to take this assessment toward the end of first semester.  Our team is here to guide you through discussion and exercises that will help you pay attention to your innate talents and use them to best succeed.  

Student Testimonial from a post-meeting survey 

I learned that there are many avenues in my major that I could go down that would provide me with more of an agriculture/environmental aspect. I also learned about local places I could work at. ~Z.L.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers has identified key skill areas that employers seek in their employees:

  • Communication
  • Technology
  • Self awareness and career development 
  • Critical Thinking.
  • Equity & Inclusion.
  • Leadership.
  • Professionalism.
  • Teamwork.

Students who focus on building these skills during their college years will have an advantage in the internship and job search process, because you will be a great employee!  Ask Roberts Career Development professionals how to intentionally design a plan to build your professional skills and then how to highlight your skills, strengths, and experiences on your resume.

Many Roberts majors and programs embed one or more required practicums, clinicals, internships, student teaching, and fieldwork into the academic curriculum. For majors that do not, Roberts still strongly encourages students to engage in at least one long-term experiential learning opportunity through a working internship, study abroad, research with an outside agency, or long-term volunteering. The Office of Career Development, faculty, alumni, and Handshake are great resources for learning how to find these experiences.

Employees with developed skills can solve problems!
Watch here:

Candid Career Video: Problem Solving

38% of the class of 2023 stated that they learned about their current position through an internship or summer job!

Use Handshake to search for and identify opportunities

  • Make your Handshake PROFILE stand out and keep it current!
  • Current students: use the Career Plan resources to prepare your Resume and upload it to your Handshake documents section
  • Meet with a Career Center professional to review your Resume and Handshake profile
  • Network - connect with family, friends, Roberts staff and professors, church brothers/sisters
  • Attend Handshake EVENTS to connect virtually with and learn about companies and organizations
  • Apply!
  • Practice your interview skills through a mock interview

Student Testimonials from a post-meeting survey

We discussed the process of applying to graduate schools and worked on my strategy for doing so. I also planned my next step in taking the GRE, and have since registered for it! This resource has been invaluable to me as I prepare for grad school. Thank you so much for all your help!  ~S.C., Psychology

I worked on my resume for my doctoral internship and [C.D. professional] guided me on the best practices for writing a strong resume while tailoring it to my specific needs and experiences…she was amazing and taught me up to date writing tips for my resume while also encouraging me to highlight my skills which was extremely helpful. ~Y.G., Psy.D.

It was clear that [C.D. professional] is incredibly experienced, and being able to practice interviewing with her very rewarding. The whole experience was thoughtful, and she gave me good feedback. ~S.P., Psychology