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Combine Your Love for Philosophy and Theology

Have you ever wondered why we believe what we believe? Find answers by earning your bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Theology. Deepen your skills for any career in critical thinking, analysis, and logic. Fortify your ethical code and integrity by studying philosophy. Deepen your relationship with God by studying theology. Wrestle with tough questions in a safe space grounded in Christianity.

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4 Year Promise

At Roberts, we are committed to giving you a head start in earning income and achieving your personal goals by helping you graduate in four years. In fact, we guarantee it.


Program Highlights

Live out your ethics and be the most trusted person in the room for any career.

Complete your college education and your Master’s of Divinity in 5 years.

Study alongside fellow Christians and make lifelong connections.


Caleb Choate Headshot

Caleb Choate '21 (Philosophy and Theology) landed a job as the Assistant Director of Youth Ministries at Pittsford Community Church shortly after graduating. He was then promoted to the Director of Young Adult Ministry. While God has led him to work in higher education, the skills he gained in this program help him serve God no matter what he does.

He says, "As a young person discerning the call to vocational ministry, Roberts Wesleyan University was the clear choice for me from the get-go. I learned how to conduct in-depth exegesis so as to rightly handle the Word of Truth. I recommend Roberts, not only to anyone discerning their call to ministry but to anyone who wants to seek God in all things. The Gospel touches all aspects of the Roberts experience and invites students to consider how to make the Kingdom of God which Christ proclaimed tangible today."

What Will I Learn

Having a successful career is more than just what you do. It’s about why and how you do it.

Why does my work matter? Why is one decision better than the other? You’ll find answers in philosophy to gain deep insight into humanity and history.

How can I best honor Christ in the workplace? How should I navigate this polarized world and help others do the same? How can I resolve conflict and stick to my ethics? You’ll find answers in theology to deepen your relationship with God and help others understand.

You’ll study:
  • Epistemology (the study of knowledge)
  • Apologetics (the philosophical explanation of Christianity)
  • The philosophy of religion
  • Biblical texts
  • Systematic theology
  • Logic and critical thinking
  • Adaptability and decision-making
  • Negotiation and persuasion
  • How the history of philosophy impacts you today

Career Outlook


  • College professor
  • Lawyer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Writer/editor
  • Pastor
  • Chaplain
  • Church leader
  • Psychologist
  • Activist
  • Marketer/Advertiser
  • Salesperson

Grad Schools

  • Asbury Theological Seminary
  • Candler School of Theology
  • Duke University
  • Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Gordon Conwell Seminary
  • Northeastern Seminary
  • Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
  • Princeton Theological Seminary
  • Seattle Pacific University
  • Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Rochester
  • University of St. Andrew's (Scotland)

Frequently Asked Questions

Philosophy is the study of knowledge, wisdom, and truth. It is well-known for its element of questioning – with questions often pertaining to existence, reason, ethics, beliefs, and more.

This major at Roberts will allow you to study both philosophy and theology in-depth. As a student in this major, you will take a range of classes in the Bible, history of philosophy, church history, and upper-division theology. You’ll hone your critical thinking skills, persuasive communication, and understanding of how to honor God in a polarized world.

Anything! This versatile degree teaches you transferable soft skills (such as communication and reasoning) that will build a strong ethical foundation for any career.

Some jobs you can obtain with a philosophy degree:
  • Account executive
  • Attorney
  • Bioethicist
  • Advertising, communications, or marketing
  • Ontologist
  • Policy Analyst
  • Philosophy professor
  • Research Assistant
  • Recruiter for the United States Army
  • Worship or youth pastor
  • Director of a non-profit
  • Publishing specialist

Yes! If you come to campus for an individual visit, you can meet individually with a professor to get an overview of the major and your individual questions answered. Our Discovery Day events typically include a Faculty & Services Expo, where you can meet your future professors.

We are committed to helping students meet the financial obligation to earn a degree and advance a career. Our Office of Student Financial Services works to assist all students in their effort to maximize financial aid. We award financial assistance to 100% of our undergraduate students.

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