This degree offers the graduate opportunities to become an Intelligence Analyst/Investigator within law enforcement (Federal and State- FBI-CIA-NYPD) as well as the private sector (Disney-Facebook-Carnival Cruise lines).  Intelligence Analysts/Investigators are critical members of investigations involving terrorism, organized crime, and threat assessment.

Degree Major Requirements

  • HSAI-1010- Introduction to Intelligence
  • HAAI-2000-Intelligence Product Development
  • HSAI-3100-History of Intelligence 
  • HSAI-3500-Intelligence; National Security and Policy
  • HSAI/CRJU-3080-Intelligence; Traditional and Transnational Organized Crime
  • HSAI-3000- GIS Information Systems Mapping for Intelligence Investigations
  • HSAI/CRJU-3040-Applied Research Methods
  • HSAI/CRJU-450B-Internship
  • HSAI/CRJU-4030 - Introduction to Cyber Crime
  • HSAI/CRJU- 3000- Cyber Computer Forensics

This degree is an applied science program meaning that you will be taught the hands on practical skills needed to create intelligence products used to assist in criminal investigations. Some examples of the software you will be working with:

IBM I2 Timeline & Link Analysis

IBM I2 timeline and Link Analysis tool

ESRI ArcGIS Pro Mapping

ESRI ArcGIS Pro mapping tool

Paraben Digital Evidence Forensic Software 

Paraben Digital Evidence Forensic software tool

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