We are so excited to have you join the Roberts family and even more excited to walk with you as you transform into your best self!

Deposit Today to Start Your Roberts Journey

Please complete this form and submit your deposit(s) by May 1 if you are starting in the Fall semester or December 1 if you are starting in the Spring semester.

Fall semester deposits are non-refundable after May 1 
Spring semester deposits are non-refundable after December 

The $150 deposit secures your spot at Roberts and allows you to register for classes.

4 year promise

You're about to secure your 4 year promise.

Admissions - Deposit
Personal Information

 - Requires only the $150 enrollment deposit. 

 - Requires the $150 enrollment deposit and a $100 Room & Key deposit that will secure your housing assignment.

Commuter change to Resident - Requires only the $100 Room & Key deposit that will secure your housing assignment.  You must have previously paid the $150 enrollment deposit.

Resident Status

The information requested below is needed to help us assign a roommate. The special relationships formed in college are a big part of the Roberts experience. Please complete this form, even if you already anticipate your room assignment with another RWC student. Please answer all questions accurately.

Resident Data

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