The $150 Enrollment Deposit* is your formal acceptance of our offer of admission.  Receipt of the deposit ensures you a place in our incoming class.

Please complete this form and submit your deposit(s) by May 1 if you are starting in the Fall semester or December 1 if you are starting in the Spring semester.

            *All deposits for the Fall semester after May 1 are non-refundable

     *All deposits for the Spring semester after December 1 are non-refundable

Personal Information

 - Requires only the $150 enrollment deposit. 

 - Requires the $150 enrollment deposit and a $100 Room & Key deposit that will secure your housing assignment.

Commuter change to Resident - Requires only the $100 Room & Key deposit that will secure your housing assignment.  You must have previously paid the $150 enrollment deposit.

Resident Status

The information requested below is needed to help us assign a roommate. The special relationships formed in college are a big part of the Roberts experience. Please complete this form, even if you already anticipate your room assignment with another RWC student. Please answer all questions accurately.

Resident Data