Find your Calling at Roberts.

Find Your Calling At Roberts

What is your calling? We know it's a big question. We believe you can find it here. You can also find ways in which your gifts and talents can serve the world.

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The call to learn

We're here to grow your mind, feed your curiosity, and give you the foundation for success. With over 60 majors to choose from, you have your choice of how to serve the world with your talents and dreams.

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The call to believe

Living out your faith at Roberts isn't just on Sundays. Faith is an integral part of who we are.

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The call to inspire

Whether you choose to play a tuba in the pep band, kick around a soccer ball, or sing in the chorale, you'll find inspiration across campus. Get involved in one of our over 50 clubs and organizations.

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The call to serve

Take what you're learning and help others through campus organizations or missions trips. We're here to serve you, but you're here to learn how to serve others.

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The call to share

Find some of your best friends here - and build a support system for life. Don't forget about the faculty, too -- they become like family.

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Hear the Call. Find your Calling.