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"Go ye into all the world …"

As followers of Christ, we are called to selflessly reach out to the poor in spirit - to bring the Good News and a helping hand - wherever they might live, whatever their circumstances, and whatever ours. Many students have discovered that a missions trip expands their worldview, their hearts for compassion toward others, and their understanding of how their vocation can serve others. Roberts missions opportunities tend to be focused on long term relationships with people and places to increase our influence where we serve.

Mission Trip Opportunities

Roberts Wesleyan University offers various missions trips each year. The following are examples of trips we have recently taken:

  • Habitat for Humanity: South Eastern United States 
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Costa Rica
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Detroit, MI
Spiritual Life Office - 585.594.6830 - spirituallife@roberts.edu