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Vehicle Parking & Permits

Campus Safety is responsible for the enforcement of all vehicle parking and permit regulations. We welcome visitors who are on the campus for sporting events, concerts and other activities. Permits are not required.  Vehicle permit registration is required for ALL faculty/staff and students.

If you are a student, faculty, or staff member, you can access the parking permit form online on the intranet.

We hope you have safe experience at Roberts whether you are residing, working, or just visiting the Campus. Your understanding and compliance of the vehicle parking and permit regulations allows you a worry free experience.

Having an approved permit and designated parking assignment is a privilege. Failure to register your vehicle or park in the assigned lot will incur a Violation Notice (ticket) and a fine.

Can I access the regulations to understand them better?

Glad you asked! YES you can! (Click on this link) to view our current Vehicle Parking and Permit Regulations. The regulations must be read and agreed to online before permit privileges and vehicle authorization is granted.

How are regulations enforced?

Campus Safety enforces the regulations by issuing Violation Notices (tickets) to those who are in violation. 

What is a Violation?

A violation is any regulation not adhered to in the terms of agreement. Speeding (15 mph campus speed limit); parking without a permit or in an unassigned lot; parking on the grass or fire lane are just a few examples that would warrant a ticket.

What is the process if I receive a ticket?

Ticket fines may be paid with a credit card by visiting the Cashier's Office (Rinker, First Floor) or over the phone by calling (585) 594-6433. Fines may also be made with check or cash in person by visiting the Campus Safety Office (VAC 270) Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM or by mailing your check to the Campus Safety Office. You must make payment within ten days of receiving the ticket.

Ticket appeals must be received in writitng within ten days of the date on the ticket violation. An appeal form can be submitted online (click here) or obtained at the Campus Safety Office located on the second floor of the Voller Athletic Center (Room 270). Students may appeal two tickets per semester. Any tickets appealed beyond two per semester will not be considered by the committee. 

How does it work if I appeal a ticket?

The Parking Appeals Committee (PAC) meets on a regular basis to process violation appeals. It consists of one representative from the student body, faculty/staff, and student services members. Your ticket goes on hold until they meet and a decision is rendered. The PAC's decision regarding your appeal will be emailed to you after the Committee meets. All decisions are final and any outstanding fine balance is due upon notification from the PAC. Students may appeal a maximum of two tickets per semester.

Do I really need a permit while I am on Campus?

YES! ALL vehicles on campus property must be registered with Campus Safety. Anyone associated with Roberts Wesleyan College (i.e. faculty, staff, and undergrad or grad students) will need to register for a permit. All lots are labeled with identification signs such as Lot A-C and E-J. Based on your classification (faculty, staff or student) will determine what lot assignment you receive.

So now I have a permit--I can park anywhere RIGHT??

You can only park in the lots designated on your permit/tag. Each parking permit sticker/hang tag is labeled with the approved lot(s) for parking. The lot(s) listed on the sticker/hang tag are the ONLY places on campus your vehicle is approved to be parked. Please note: Golisano Library (LOT D) is a restricted lot specifically designed for Library Faculty/Staff and guests of Roberts Wesleyan College.

I have a friend who wants to visit--what do I do?

Overnight visitors are asked to register their cars by contacting the Campus Safety Office. A temporary permit will be issued at no charge.

Temporary Permits can be used for up to a two week period. Students are eligible for one temporary permit per semester if they will have a vehicle on campus for less than two weeks.

We hope this information is helpful to your stay on Campus. Your safety is our greatest concern. Please contact our office with any questions or concerns you may have at extension 7777 or 585.594.7777.