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The  English Language Institute (ELI) at Roberts Wesleyan University is an Intensive English Program focused on developing students' language and cultural competencies. Semesters operate year-round (Fall, Spring, Summer), and offer approximately 25 hours of class time per week, experiential learning opportunities, and integrated programming with traditional students. Upon successful completion of the ELI, students can matriculate into any of Roberts Wesleyan University's majors.

Program Highlights

Our Mission

The English Language Institute (ELI) of Roberts Wesleyan University focuses on the acquisition of language and culture through learning environments that are intellectually rigorous and spiritually grounded. The ELI serves speakers of other languages in meeting their goals of communicative and cultural competencies through superior language instruction, cultural experiences, and intensive academic, social, and emotional support.  The ELI provides a global perspective to the Roberts Wesleyan community by enhancing our international student population and facilitating cross-cultural relationships.

Admissions Steps


Send application to admissions@roberts.edu with a scanned copy of your passport


After you’;ve been accepted, you will receive a follow up email to complete an ISFS (International Student Financial Sheet) from the Office of International Engagement

  1. RECEIVE I-20, Pay I-901 Fee, & APPLY FOR F-1 Visa

Students will apply for a student visa to study in the United States at the ELI at Roberts Wesleyan University.


Communicate with the Office of International Engagement (OIE@roberts.edu) to plan your arrival on Campus and complete all required pre-arrival and post-arrival items to maintain your immigration status


Tuition - $7,362

Board - $2,605

Room - $3,545

Fees - $1003

Total: $14,515

*As of the 2024-2025 Academic Calendar Year

Student Testimonies

"ELI gives me a feeling of being at home. The teachers are very nice. They take care everything what confused me and they also are good friends with me. They taught me many things that I need to learn and help me to prepare college." -Luna S.

"This school's atmosphere is very good. This place is good to study. The teacher of ELI are very nice." -Mylee L.

"The English program was great. I have really good experiences from this program. I met new people from other countries; they were friendly, kind, and respectful. I learned a lot about their cultures and traditions…The teachers were very friendly and kind. They help us and push us so hard to make our language improve, also to be good students." -Roaa A.

"I enjoyed the field trips, that make me learn more and more. For example, when we went to the restaurant, I had to be brave enough to talk with normal people and order my food. I had great teachers and students as well, they were always friendly and kind with me. I loved that they motivated me and believed in me." -Nasser A.

Office of International Engagement - 585.594.6382 - oie@roberts.edu