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April 26, 2021

Tips for Soaring Through the Semester Strong; Whether Virtually or In Person.

Roberts Wesleyan College

First of all, congrats on making it through this year (well you’re almost there)! You’ve navigated a pandemic (and maybe for the third straight semester) and are nearing the end of this spring semester. Whether you have lived on campus and gone to classes in person or attended online either from campus or home, you have undoubtedly learned in a totally new way at Roberts.

As you prepare for final projects and exams, here are some ways to help you finish the semester strong – or as we like to say “Soar like a Redhawk!”

Seek Out & Use College Resources

No matter what year you are at Roberts, you can benefit from taking advantage of the many resources the College has for you.

Across the nation, Covid has created a significant impact on the mental health of students. If you are struggling, reach out to a trusted person -- such as your pastor, a mental health professional, your health care provider, the Counseling Center or your Student Life staff (RAs, RDs) -- for help.

Links to resources:

Stay in Communication with Your Professors

It’s been a year of change for professors too, including teaching online classes and adjusting to the many changes required. Know that your professors want to help you succeed, so make sure you reach out to them for extra help, class content questions and clarifications on due dates for final projects and exams.

You can simply email your professors, with your key questions or clarify class content, or meet with them if necessary.  Clarifying information and expectations can make a difference for preparing to study for finals and finalizing projects.

Stay in Communication with your Friends and Family

No matter your age, be intentional about connecting with your family and friends. Face-to-face contact is best but when it isn’t possible, choose options like FaceTime or phone calls.

  • Remember that we are all in this together – you are not alone.  Now, more than ever, we need to find creative ways to stay connected. 
  • Talk with your loved ones and friends about your plans to finish the semester, for the summer and if you are graduating, share your goals with them from finding a job, paying back student loans or going to graduate school.

Implement a Study Routine

For this last month of the semester, make a plan for studying for final exams and setting aside time for working on individual and group projects. Here are some tips:

Schedule Screen Breaks

Chances are you’ve been racking up the screen time this semester. And, it’s probably been more than usual with Zoom classes and events. Make sure you take breaks while you study as it can make you more productive.  How does it help? It gives your mind a rest and allows you to re-focus. You can simple add a timer to your phone for stretch breaks to get away from your computer for 10-20 minutes.  Be mindful to not get distracted and make it an extra-long break. You can simply step away from the computer and get a snack, go for a walk, or pet your pet!  Plus, you can rest your eyes for a few minutes too.

Finish Strong Redhawks!

Finish the semester strong by taking advantage of College resources, keeping in communication with professors and finding a study routine that works for you. Remember to reward yourself after finishing big tasks and giving yourself something to look forward to as a motivator to completing your work on time.

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