Counseling Center

The Counseling Center offers free and confidential mental health services to the Roberts Wesleyan College student body. Please see our frequently asked questions below for some of our most-requested information.

NOTE: If you are looking for the link to make an appointment, it has been moved to our intranet site.

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Who is eligible for services?

All undergraduate students taking at least seven credit hours are eligible to receive free services through the Counseling Center. Services for graduate students in the Master of Social Work and Graduate Psychology programs are also available.

Where is the Counseling Center located?

The Counseling Center is located in the Wellness Center, in the upper level of the Voller Athletic Center (VAC), across from the mailroom.

When is the Counseling Center open?

The Counseling Center is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM when classes are in session. During the semester there is a counselor on-call for after-hours emergencies. Contact your RD or Security to access this counselor. The Counseling Center is closed over breaks and during the summer.

Who comes to the Counseling Center?

All kinds of students come to the Counseling Center for all kinds of issues! The Counseling Center saw about 20% of eligible students last year. Many students are dealing with anxiety, depression, anger, past abuse, eating problems, sexual orientation questions, and addictions. Relational problems, spiritual concerns, and coping with the pressures of college life are also common issues.

Who are the counselors?

The Counseling Center staff is made up of licensed mental health professionals. Each clinican has a master's degree or above. Our staff is ready and willing to incorporate a spiritual perspective into their work with you if you so desire.

How long will I see my counselor?

Students may have up to ten sessions at a time. This limit can be extended in certain circumstances. Sessions are about an hour in length. Students can stop whenever they wish. Some people get the help they need in a session or two. Some want to work on their issues for a longer time.

How do students start the process?

The first step is for the student to electronically fill out the intake form on the Roberts Wesleyan College Intranet Counseling Center website. This can be found under the “make an appointment” tab. As this form needs to be completed from on-campus, students may also choose to stop by the Counseling Center to fill out the paperwork on our computer. Students can also just walk in.

Is counseling confidential?

What students say will not be dis­closed to anyone outside the Counseling Center, unless they give written permission. The only exceptions to this are for emergencies, such as: if students pose a danger to self or others, or if they are under the age of 18 and experiencing abuse. Although very unlikely, a third possibility requiring a release of information would be a court order. (Violations of community standards are not considered emergency situations.)

For Emergency: (585) 594.7777

Phone: (585) 594.6882