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October 21, 2019

Roberts to Host Nov. 12 Webinar on Excellence: Ethics in the Workplace

Daily decisions have consequences. That’s why Roberts Wesleyan College’s Business Solutions Institute will host a webinar from 1-2 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 12, to examine Excellence: Ethics in the Workplace. Data shows that the impact of an ethical work culture on employee engagement, innovation and creativity, business growth and customer satisfaction is not discussed frequently in the workplace.

This webinar, which will look at everyday ethics and discuss how to influence the business environment to become an ethical place to thrive, features three subject-matter experts: Dr. Andy Koehl, professor of philosophy and director of traditional undergraduate general education at Roberts Wesleyan College; Dr. Carly McCabe, School of Business faculty at Roberts Wesleyan College; and Phyllis Mikolaitis, president of Sales Training Solutions.

“Professional development is critical in today’s workplace, but often managers don’t have the time to leave the office during the workday,” said Dr. Steven Bovee, newly appointed executive director of community engagement. “Many workplaces require professional development hours and this webinar can help meet that need. We’ll discuss ethics in the workplace and provide tools to help employers, managers and workers make the right business decisions.”

Participants will also take away a useful tool set, including Ethics Guidelines, an Ethics Resources workbook, “What Would You Do” scenarios, a Values-Based Action Plan and a digital certificate of completion. For more information on this event, click here. The cost to participate is $29.99. To register, click here.

Roberts Wesleyan College’s Business Solutions Institute focuses on workforce development by supporting small- to medium-sized businesses with specific training, consulting and special-project needs. The focus is on the delivery of targeted solutions to enable successful outcomes and be a “go to” resource for the community. Current clients and partners include County of Monroe, Economic Workforce Development, Greater Rochester Enterprise, Maximus Inc. and Palmer Food Services. For more information on Roberts Wesleyan College’s Business Solutions Institute, click here.

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