Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:

Check back often as our cadence of events will vary based on business demand, hot topics and delivery format.

Look for new quarterly and standalone program offerings in 2020. Areas under exploration include:  Customer Excellence,  Lifestages Personal Financial Management, Company Business Financial Intelligence, Advancing Leadership in Healthcare, and KAI Adoption Innovation Theory.

Maximizing Your Marketing Plan

January 9, 2020
Location: Roberts Wesleyan College campus


When is the last time you refreshed your marketing plan?  Can you explain your value proposition in two sentences or less?   Can your team do the same?  

This one-day workshop is designed to provide you and your team with the models needed to reach your desired brand destination by taking the most efficient path possible.  Marketing experts, Dr. Laura L. Falco and Adjunct Professor Natalie Anderson, along with keynote speakers Jon Alhart and Kim Allen, managing partners at Dixon Scwabl, will help you bring clarity and impact to your strategic marketing plan.