Math and Science Club

Goal/Mission  of the Club:


  • To provide a community that brings together math and science majors, so that we  better relationships and increase fellowship among peers. 
  • To attract prospective math and science majors through promotion of this  department. 
  • To be a service oriented club which also hosts social events.

 Fall Semester Events:

  • Ice-cream Social
  • Homecoming parade grocery cart competition
  • Mol Day Carnival (fundraiser for Feed My Starving Children)
  • T-shirt sale
  • Adopt-A-School program with School #3 fourth graders

Spring Semester Events:

  • Anatomically Correct Heart Valentine's Day Party
  • PiK (#.14 km) and party
  • Adopt-A-School program with School #3 fourth graders
  • Kids on Campus-our fourth graders visit Roberts for a day
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