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Jason Taylor, Professor of Chemistry and Chair of the Department of Biological and Chemical
Sciences, graduated from Baldwin-Wallace University with a degree in chemistry and completed
his Ph.D. in bioanalytical chemistry from Indiana University. Dr. Taylor has been teaching at
Roberts Wesleyan University for 20 years and regular teaches general chemistry, analytical
chemistry, instrumental methods, and biochemistry courses within the department.

Thank you for your interest in the Summer Chemistry Lab Camp! These lab sessions will be
designed to supplement a standard introductory chemistry course. However, if you have not
taken an introductory chemistry course already, you are welcome to join that lab camp. Each day
there will be a brief introduction of the concepts covered in laboratory session before the
experiments are done. Participants will be introduced to practical laboratory techniques and key
instrumental methods utilized in chemical analysis.

Here are some topics that will be explored:
• Electrolytes / Chemical Reactions
• Atomic Spectroscopy / Water Analysis
• Acids & Bases / Titrations
• Energy / Freezing Points
• Lipids / Polymers / Fingerprints

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For any questions: Contact Samantha Herbert via email or phone 585-594-6310.

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