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2020-21 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Version B | Academic Policies and Procedures


Roberts Wesleyan College has a three step progressive assessment for low academic performance.

1.   Warning

Each student whose semester grade point average is less than 2.00 at the end of a grading period is informed by the Academic Guidance and Support Committee that improvement must take place.

2.   Academic Probation

A student may be placed on academic probation when the student has failed to meet minimal academic requirements and as a result has endangered his or her chances of remaining in the College.

A student’s academic record may be reviewed and the student placed on academic probation if they fail to achieve a semester or cumulative grade point average of at least a 2.0.

Students on academic probation may be limited to 12 semester hours and are allowed no unexcused absence. Students may not participate in off-campus co-curricular activities representing the College.

3.   Academic Suspension

Suspension for academic reasons occurs when students have failed to respond to previous academic warnings. Students can re-enter the College by applying through the Office of Admissions.

Re-admitted students are automatically placed on probation. Re-admitted students may be dismissed from the College indefinitely if they fail to attain good academic standing.

For non-academic suspension policies, please refer to the Student Conduct/Involuntary Withdrawal section of this Catalog.

Scholarship and Co-curricular Participation

Continuation of scholarships and co-curricular participation is determined annually based on the cumulative grade point average and other applicable factors in place at the end of the academic year.

Policy Regarding Students on Academic Limitation

Students on probational or provisional status, including those admitted in the latter category, are limited in extra-curricular participation. Students on probation are not permitted to participate in any College sponsored/affiliated extra-curricular activity, and those in provisional status are limited to no more than one such activity. This restriction is in effect for each semester in which the student is under one of the conditions included in this policy. Course registrations for no credit are not prohibited by this policy.

Scholastic Requirements for Participation in Activities

In order to be eligible for Student Association offices and Resident Advisor positions, a student must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 at the end of the previous year.