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2018-19 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

College Costs

Costs listed are for traditional undergraduate students for the 2018-2019 academic year. Roberts Wesleyan College reserves the right to change its charges at any time without previous notice. Student financial aid is available at Roberts Wesleyan College, and students with financial need are encouraged to apply. Refer to the Financial Aid section for additional information.
(Note: Costs for non-traditional and graduate programs vary.  Please contact the individual program office for details.)

Pre-Registration Costs

 A. Enrollment Deposit

A deposit of $150 is required of all new students (including readmitted students). This fee is applied to the student’s account, but is not refundable after May 1.

 B.  Housing Deposit

A room and key deposit of $100 is required of all residence students. This is collected separately from the student’s bill; however, anyone who has not made this payment before the start of classes will have this amount added to his or her student account.

Tuition Costs for 2018-2019


In order to maintain the quality education offered by Roberts Wesleyan, it is expected that tuition, fees, room and board will increase each succeeding year. Roberts Wesleyan will, however, try to limit these increases.

The following is an example of fixed costs based on 12-18 hours per semester. This does not include costs and fees which depend on the student’s individual schedule.


Semester I

Semester II






Room and Board




Health Center Fee




Class Dues




Computer Technology Fee