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2015-16 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Stanley C. Pelkey, Ph.D., Dean

In this era of increasingly rapid social, cultural, economic, and technological change, a rigorous, broad, and Christ-centered education in the sciences, the humanities, mathematics, and the arts is more important than ever. Programs of study in the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences equip students with the intellectual, social, and discipline-specific skills necessary to evaluate information, communicate effectively, and think critically, creatively, and independently.

The School of Liberal Arts and Sciences is comprised of ten departments:

  • Biological and Chemical Sciences
  • Communication
  • Computer Science, Mathematics & Physics
  • Criminal Justice
  • History
  • Language & Literature
  • Music & Performing Arts
  • Psychology
  • Religion & Philosophy
  • Visual Arts

Majors and programs offered by these departments are of the highest quality, and many have additional, specialized accreditation from state or national accrediting agencies.

All faculty and staff in the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences are committed to nurturing students as they seek personal, spiritual, and professional maturity, as well as introducing students to an ever-more expansive understanding of the world while supporting students in their pursuit of their personal dreams, intellectual passions, and sense of calling.