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2015-16 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

International Students


The Global Education Coordinator serves as Roberts' international student advisor and official "Designated School Official" (DSO).  The Coordinator serves international students by providing information about U.S. federal immigration regulations and maintaining legal immigration status, U.S. income tax, Social Security cards, orientations, and assistance related to being an international student in America.  In addition to the services of a faculty advisor in the student's major field, the Coordinator offers international students support academically, culturally, and personally.

Academic Procedures

International students must maintain their legal status while studying in the United States.  Students must be registered full time (12 semester hours for undergraduate; 9 semester hours for graduate) every semester unless authorized by the Coordinator to fall below full time.  They must seek prior approval from the Coordinator for various actions, including but not limited to, the following:

  • working off campus
  • engaging in a course-related internship
  • shortening or extending their academic program
  • transferring schools or taking courses at another school