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2015-16 Undergraduate Academic Catalog | Admissions

Other Forms of Enrollment

Part-Time Students

Students who meet the qualifications for standard admission may matriculate as part-time students. The part-time application for admission is submitted to the Office of Admissions. Academic advisement for part-time students is available through the Office of Registration.

Non-Matriculating Students

Students who wish to take courses not leading to a degree apply through the Office of Admissions. Registration may be for either full-time or part-time. If the student later decides to pursue a degree, the Office of Admissions must be notified immediately to make necessary changes. Non-matriculating students are not eligible for financial aid.

College Program for High School Students

Academically qualified high school juniors and seniors who are recommended by their school counselors may apply for limited college enrollment. For further information, contact the Office of Admissions.