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2015-16 Undergraduate Academic Catalog | Admissions

Transfer Policies

Policy on Transfer Credit for Students Holding an Associate's Degree

Transfer students who have been admitted to the College as matriculated students and who have completed an associate's degree at a regionally accredited institution may be granted at least 60 semester hours. For these students, grades of D may be accepted for transfer, if necessary, to bring the total amount of transfer credit to 60 hours, but those credits may not be applied toward the degree. In no case can more than 72 semester hours be accepted from colleges authorized to grant only an associate's degree. Transfer students are expected to meet all graduation requirements for the major and in General Education, including all residence requirements. CLEP and AP credits are considered part of the 72-credit maximum.

Transfer students holding an associate's degree in Liberal Arts or Sciences from an accredited institution are likely to have the majority of RWC's General Education requirements completed.  For a specific summary of transfer credit and a completion assessment, please request a Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) through the Office of Admissions.

Policy on General Education Requirements for Transfer Students Holding a Bachelor's Degree

Transfer students with a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution are allowed to enter Roberts Wesleyan College with their General Education requirements fulfilled, with the the following stipulations: students must meet the Roberts Wesleyan requirements of six hours of Bible or Christian theology and take GED 401.  If a student's bachelor's degree does not include six hours of Bible and/or Christian theology, the student must complete said study at Roberts Wesleyan.  In addition, any General Education course specifically required by the student's chosen major program that the student has not previously completed must be done at Roberts Wesleyan College. This policy is valid only upon initial transfer to Roberts Wesleyan College.  All transfer students must still meet the state-required minimum for liberal arts credit.

Advanced Credit

Roberts Wesleyan recognizes work done beyond standard high school achievement in any of the following three programs by granting either credit or a waiver of requirements. No more than 30 semester hours may be accepted from all of these programs combined, and credits earned through these programs are included in the 72-semester hour limit noted above.

  1. Advanced Placement - AP (College Entrance Examination Board - CEEB): Credit is awarded for scores of 3 or higher for the Advanced Placement examinations.
  2. College Level Examination Program - CLEP (College Entrance Examination Board - CEEB): Credit is awarded for successful completion of subject examinations only. Students must take Freshman College Composition with essay for Principles of Writing, and Analyzing and Interpreting Literature with essay for Introduction to Literature. (See Miscellaneous Fees for the exam credit posting charge.)
  3. Excelsior College Examination (New York State Education Department): Credit is awarded for successful completion of the examinations. (See Miscellaneous Fees for the exam credit posting charge.)

Particulars on these programs may be obtained from the College Registrar.

International Baccalaureate

Students can receive college credit at Roberts Wesleyan College in their higher-level subjects. Three semester hours are granted for each higher-level subject in which a grade of 5 or higher is earned. Further information is available from the College Registrar.