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Kelly Anderson, Physics

Kelly has worked with Associate Professor of Physics Candice Fazar at the University of Rochester doing development research on 10 micron HgCdTe detector arrays for space-based astronomy. Kelly and Dr. Fazar have analyzed dark current versus reverse bias curves in order to ascertain the limiting current and noise source in new long wave infrared detector arrays to arrive from Teledyne in June. Such information will allow the University of Rochester group to work with Teledyne to further improve the sensitivity of future detector arrays. These detectors are being developed for NASA JPL's NEOCam project, which will have the capability of detecting asteroids that are of significant size to be a threat to Earth.

Amanda Dobi, Mathematics, pursuing a degree as an Actuary

I personally love the fact that Roberts is a smaller school; it means lots of one-on-one attention from professors. You also get to know the other students in the department very quickly and they become some of your closest friends. The professors truly care about you as a person, not just as a student in one of their classes. They are very willing to help you and answer questions. My advisor, Karen Scheske has been wonderful with talking me through scheduling, other issues I have had, and planning out the rest of my time here at Roberts.

Aaron Van Dyne, Mathematics and Physics

During the summer of 2013, I participated in an undergraduate research program in the Department of Computational and Systems Biology at the University of Pittsburgh. The program was both education and research based. I participated in a variety of seminars related to computational biology and bioinformatics as well as conducting my own research. The seminars provided me an overview that enriched both my understanding of biology and my understanding of the research conducted by my colleagues. Especially important was the fact that I began to understand the practical applications of computational biology and bioinformatics including screening drugs and looking for genes related to various diseases.

I am continuing to work on the project, and I am currently working on developing more accurate tables by using a finer resolution when the proteins are close and calculating the energy due to more complex interactions between the proteins.

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