As an English major at Roberts Wesleyan College, you will engage in conversations with some of the most famous and well-known authors of all time. Authors such as, Shakespeare, Austen, Milton, Dickinson, and Melville. You will learn to craft your own views of the world, informed by the inspiration of those who have come before us. 

Program Highlights

Minimum Total Hours: 124

Total Liberal Arts Hours Required: 90

What Will I Learn?

You will specialize in the study of literature and select additional courses to prepare for specific careers where clear communication and critical thinking are valued. 

Where Can It Take Me?


  • Writing Intern at RES Exhibit Services
  • Pastoral Intern
  • Student Teaching



  • Brand Strategist for Global media Marketing
  • Senior Pastor
  • Teacher
  • Philosophy Professor
  • Radio Broadcaster
  • Writer/UFO Researcher
  • Videographer/editor

Grad Schools

  • University of Rhode Island
  • Syracuse University
  • Duke Divinity University
  • McMaster Divinity College
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Emerson College
  • Washington State University
  • SUNY Brockport

Who Will I Meet?

Morgan Ramos, English & History 

     It was in the English major that I discovered my passion for literature and history, and through it I have found a thirst for knowledge I have never known. I enjoy what I learn in my classes and love the conversations we are able to have about what we have studied.  Our discussion-based classes led by the professors enable students to make the most of their learning. Because of this, we have the opportunity to critically discuss controversial, complex, and creative topics.

     With the guidance of my professors, I will soon achieve a degree for which I have an ever-growing passion. And with the encouragement of these same professors, I have decided to continue my studies in the Library Sciences, so I may aid others in their own quest for knowledge.

student Morgan Ramos

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