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The minor in Criminal Justice is designed for persons majoring in other disciplines whose professional plans include the potential of interface with the criminal justice system (e.g. counseling, ministry, social work, etc.) and for those persons with a general interest in the field. The requirements for the minor are:

Introduction to Criminal Justice (CRJ 101)
Judicial Systems (CRJ 201)
Criminology (CRJ 302)


9 hours of CRJ electives, excluding Integrative Seminar (CRJ 410) and Internship (CRJ 450).

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Criminal Justice Tracks/Emphases

Juvenile Justice Track/Emphasis

Juvenile Delinquency (CRJ 312 & Lab)
Juvenile Justice Systems (CRJ 314 & Lab)
Contemporary Issues in Juvenile Justice (CRJ 405)
Criminal Justice Policy (CRJ 407)

Comparative Criminal Justice Track/Emphasis

Comparative Criminal Justice (CRJ 307)
Topics in Criminal Justice (CRJ 403)
Criminal Justice Policy (CRJ 407)
Cross Cultural Experience in Criminal Justice (CRJ 490)

Law Enforcement Track/Emphasis

Introduction to Private Security (CRJ 103)
Fundamentals of Law Enforcement (CRJ 203)
Criminal Investigations (CRJ 210)
Criminal Justice Policy (CRJ 407)

Law Track/Emphasis

Business Law I (BUA 201)
Business Law 2 (BUA 202)
American Studies: Constitutional History (PSC 203)
White Collar Crime (CRJ 308)

Correctional Counseling Track/Emphasis

Counseling (PSY 308)
Juvenile Justice Systems (CRJ 314)
Advanced Counseling (PSY 405)
Criminal Justice Policy (CRJ 407)

White Collar Crime Track/Emphasis

Principles of Accounting I (ACC 201)
Criminal Investigations (CRJ 210)
Information Security (CSC 306)
White Collar Crime (CRJ 308)