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On-Location Courses

On Location Courses are led by Roberts Wesleyan College faculty to places around the world. Courses meet several times during the semester in preparation for an on-location experience structured to enrich the classroom learning.  The travel portion of these courses ranges from one to four weeks and is billed to students as a Course Fee.

Course offerings change from year to year; please check the current Course Schedule to find out which courses are available in any given semester.

Past offerings (see below) have included courses such as Fine Arts in London, TESL in Japan, Transcultural Nursing in Costa Rica, and Cross-Cultural Experience in Social Work.

Art in Context

This course will offer students an opportunity to spend some time 'on location' studying a particular topic in art history.

Students travel to one of the worlds’ greatest art cities to visit galleries, cathedrals, architectural sites, and museums while experiencing the rich cultural traditions of that region.

Locations for Art in Context have included London, Paris, Rome, Orvieto, Florence and Venice, while professors leading this course have taken other study groups to Madrid, Berlin, Munich, Dresden, and Prague.

Teaching English as a Second Language: Japan

This On Location Course will introduce students to teaching English as a Second Language via classroom study and hands-on teaching experience at Osaka Christian College. 


  • Experience Japanese culture in Osaka, Kyoto, and Hiroshima, Japan
  • Learn techniques and philosophies of teaching English
  • Practice lesson plans
  • Develop English learning activities for a two-day "English Camp." 
  • Set in the context of Japanese values, attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, and communication styles

Fine Arts on Location

London is designed as an experience of cultural immersion for its participants. 

Students will visit sites of historical significance, tour major museums, attend numerous concerts and plays, and become familiar with one of Europe’s most diverse and interesting cities.   

History on Location

This travel course is offered on demand usually during the spring semester. 

Topics and travel locations vary, but the focus is normally on European history and includes a 7 to 14 day travel excursion. 

Past topics and locations have included "Medieval England," "Gothic Paris," "Ancient Greece," and "Renaissance Italy." 

Transcultural Nursing: Costa Rica

This course is designed to introduce students to the culture, health care needs, and the health care system of Costa Rica.


  • Compare village transcultural nursing with community health and institutional nursing in the U.S.
  • Develop individual learning outcomes with guidance from the instructor, making use of available resources.
  • Grow personally and spiritually through integration of faith, learning and service.

Social Work on Location: Israel

While in Israel, students will meet with government, organizational and religious leaders.  The trip is designed to give students a holistic picture of the various macro systems that affect daily life for the diverse populations living in Israel.

This course is comprised of three components. 

  1. A preparatory cultural seminar
  2. A two week trip to Israel
  3. An oral report of students' experiences at the social work department’s annual Cross Cultural Colloquium