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Legal Accommodations

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Roberts Wesleyan University is committed to providing an equal educational opportunity for all qualified students. We welcome students with disabilities into our community and programs. We believe the needs of each student with a disability are unique; therefore, services are provided on an individual basis. The following guidelines indicate standard policies related to academic support services to students with disabilities.

Student Responsibilities for Seeking Assistance

Students with disabilities who require academic accommodation in order to insure equal access to their educational environment must request modifications from the Director of Access and Accommodations, found in the office of the Learning Center. Eligible students must submit current and appropriate documentation of their disability. This documentation should include, but may not be limited to the following information:

  • clear and specific statement of diagnosis by a qualified professional
  • complete test scores and sub test scores including percentiles and standard scores
  • credentials of qualified, professional examiner
  • academic history
  • history of academic modifications
  • description of functional limitations resulting from the disability

Documentation for Learning Disabilities

  • a standard measure of general intelligence /aptitude
  • results of academic achievement - This should include current levels of functioning in reading, mathematics and written language.
  • assessment of information processing- Specific areas of language processing must be assessed. (i.e. long and short term memory, sequential memory)

Documentation for ADHD and Anxiety

  • evidence of current impairment
  • evidence that alternative explanations were ruled out
  • results from valid, standardized, age-appropriate assessment
  • all applicable DSM-IV criteria and description of how this impairs the individual

Any additional pertinent information, including recommendations and academic history should also be included. For further information on appropriate documentation please contact the Director of Access and Accommodations at 585-594-6494.

Students whose disabilities may be more individual or specific in nature should contact the Director of Access and Accommodations to obtain a specific list of criteria needed to document their particular disability.

Appeal Process

Students may appeal accommodation decisions by petitioning in writing the ADA Committee (Americans with Disabilities Act) composed of the Vice President for Human resources and Support Services, The Learning Center Director, a representative of Student Services and a Faculty member. If necessary, further appeals may be made to the Provost.

Academic Requirements

Academic requirements may be adjusted to ensure equal access to all students. However, academic accommodations should not alter the fundamental objectives or necessary components of an academic program, major or course. Essential components of programs, majors and courses will be determined by faculty and academic departments. Modifications may include such things as extended time to complete requirements, substitution or waiver of specific courses, and adjustments of requirements within courses.