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Form to report Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assualt, Dating/Domestic Violence or Stalking

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Roberts Wesleyan College is committed to providing a safe environment to work, learn, live and socialize without the fear of sexual misconduct, harassment or discrimination.


  • If you need immediate assistance, STOP, CALL CAMPUS SAFETY AND 911. This form is for non-emergency reporting.  This form will be reviewed during normal business hours.
  • This form is available to students, faculty/staff and visitors.
  • This online form can be downloaded and completed by using the link here.
  • This form should be used to report incidents involving alleged violations to the College's sexual misconduct policy.
  • The Title IX Coordinator will review all submitted reports and the information will be retained in the Title IX Office.
  • Faculty and staff are required to include their name and contact information, the accused and other individuals involved.
  • The information submitted in this report is private, but not confidential.  The Title IX team will be sensitive to keep your information as private as possible.

What happens if I report?

  • If you choose to complete the report online, you will be offered the opportunity to meet with the Title IX Coordinator, who will provide you with resources and support service options.
  • If you choose to not complete the online report, but disclose an incident to faculty or staff, they are required to report it to the Title IX Coordinator, who will give you the opportunity to meet.
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