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September 6, 2023

Staff Spotlight: Erin Sirianni

At the heart of Human Resources is working, with the Roberts and Northeastern community, to help people flourish. Erin Sirianni helps reduce the risk to the University and helps people thrive in her role as Human Resources Director for Talent and People Development.  Working in a faith-filled environment was important for Erin when she chose to work at Roberts over eight years ago. 

Let’s get to know Erin at Roberts Wesleyan University a little better!

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I love strategizing and developing new and more efficient ways to do things. 

How do you see your role connecting to the mission of Roberts? 

As the HR Director, many situations arise within our community that are impacted by internal and external circumstances. I constantly think about the heart of Jesus and servant leadership. Leading with love, serving with kindness, and doing hard things in the midst of adversity. 

At Roberts, we seek to prepare thoughtful, spiritually mature, service-oriented people who will help transform society. I believe we must model that for others to experience it to be authentic to our mission. The best part of my workday is interacting with others on campus.

What are your interests outside of Roberts? 

Trying new restaurants and good food, reading, shopping, and traveling. I love experiencing new things and exploring what life has to offer. 

  • What is your favorite Rochester restaurant? Good Luck

  • What’s your favorite Rochester experience? The Rochester Public Market

  • Favorite travel destination? Italy

  • What book are you reading now? “A Rule Against Murder” by Louise Penny

What’s the best advice for someone who just started their career?

Always keep learning and growing, and do not think there is a destination. As soon as you become an expert, God has a bigger plan for you. See challenges as an opportunity to level up, don’t take it personally or negatively. It is simply a way for you to level up and grow. 

What is something about Human Resources that you would want people to know?

We are fun! We are productive, but we also enjoy planning activities for employees. When the community gets together, it feels like being part of a large extended family.

What’s the best thing about being part of the Roberts community? 

I love the people! We have so many talented and loving people here.



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