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September 24, 2021

Campus Construction Update: Golisano Community Engagement Center

Were you wondering where the new Golisano Community Engagement Center (GCEC) is located on campus? The construction is underway on North Campus and you can get a better idea of the location on this site map. On the map, we labelled the new building with "GCEC" on the roof.

Were you trying to picture where it is located and how to access it? The Golisano Community Engagement Center will face Westside Drive, be in front of Beeson Apartments and is positioned just west of the pathway to North Campus residential buildings. This building will be easily accessible from Westside Drive. You will notice that a new road is being built to connect Westside Drive to the Davison parking lot. This will also allow for traffic to enter from Westside Drive and continue through to exit from Nelson Morton Drive and vice versa.

If you are here for Homecoming, walk over and take a look! For those of you who cannot attend, we hope this site map is helpful in imaging what this building will look like.

For more information, visit the Connect the Community Campaign web page.

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