Strategic Leadership - MSL vs MBA

Knowledge does not necessarily translate into practical ability, which is why the focus of an MSL degree is on applied learning. At Roberts, our priority is on teaching our students how to lead people.

To accomplish this, our expert faculty utilize an emphasis on building strategic leadership competencies through a transformational learning experience. This focus is what makes the Roberts Wesleyan College Master's of Strategic Leadership program different. Take a look at just a few of the distinctions below:




Lead people by recognizing the skills each member of your team has to offer

Manage the processes and systems your oversee


Become an agent for change as you help your organization thrive and achieve a shared vision by drawing on a broad set of theories and skills

Apply theories and skills to solve problems and achieve best practices

Practical Application

Apply classroom theory to real-world problems in real-time throughout the degree program

Develop expertise in management theory to be applied in the future


Transform yourself as a strategic and ethical leader ready to motivate others

Develop the skills and competencies to manage others


Build your knowledge in every course as you develop an Integrated Strategic Audit focused on a single client organization

Master content in individual courses and pull it all together in your capstone course

Focus on the Degree

  • Traditional MBA’s have largely focused on building comprehension around the tactical components of finance, marketing, accounting, etc. A quick review of their course descriptions usually confirms this focus.
  • The Masters of Strategic Leadership degree also covers these core business processes, but it also adds three areas of critical emphasis – strategic thinking, ethical development, and people development strategies. After all, the best brands, products and services come from people! People oriented leaders, prepared to think critically with an ethical framework, provide the direction, motivation and courage necessary for shaping favorable future outcomes.

Courses Offered in Traditional MBA vs. Roberts MSL

To help you develop these critical skills, the MSL program integrates coursework beyond the traditional MBA.

Course Comparison MSL vs MBA

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