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Leanne Walters, PhD, LMSW

Assistant Professor of Social Work


Dr. Walters first encountered the field of social work while working as a service coordinator for children with complex medical needs. These children and their families taught her about resilience, facing unexpected challenges, and barriers to care. Wanting to do more for this population, Dr. Walters went on to pursue her Masters degree in social work with a focus on interdisciplinary healthcare.

Dr. Walters’ professional experience has included both research and clinical roles, primarily with the University of Rochester - Golisano Children’s Hospital and School of Nursing. She comes to Roberts with several years of teaching experience, and is excited to share her experiences in both research and pediatric/medical social work with students.

Dr. Walters is a Rochester native, married with two children. When not working, her boys keep her busy! While at home more due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she developed a new hobby of bird watching in her own backyard.


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