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The Student Social Work Association (SSWA) at Roberts Wesleyan University has been in existence since the beginning of the undergraduate social work program, dating back to the early 1970’s. Each year new officers are elected to carry out the functions of the association which include:

  1. To promote a supportive environment for all social work students and to provide opportunities for students to gather together to discuss strengths, issues, and concerns related to the Social Work Program.
  2. To provide a forum for students to have access to faculty regarding BSW Program strengths, issues, concerns and future directions.
  3. To encourage interaction among students by meeting on a regular basis and by hosting a variety of social and/or professionally related events.
  4. To allow for social work students’ implementation of social work skills through the organization and community activities.

Over the years, SSWA has sponsored numerous urban experiences to places like Boston, Chicago, Toronto and Washington DC.

  • SSWA has also organized numerous volunteer activities, sponsored social events and led the Division of Social Work chapels.
  • Students traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana for the North American Association of Christian Social Workers Conference.
  • They also relax together at the annual Christmas Karaoke party and participate in the annual winter charity kickball tournament behind Carpenter Hall.
  • Students have also assisted at a clothing drive for a local shelter and attended the National Association of Social Workers Genesee Division award banquet.

SSWA officers and the entire association meet bimonthly to plan and prepare their activities.

To become part of this dynamic team, please contact any of the officers for upcoming events, dates, times and locations of our meetings.

Contact Us - (585) 594-6467 - Kelly_Michele@roberts.edu