The course work for Roberts Wesleyan College’s Organizational Management program consists of modules focusing on organizational behavior, leadership, interpersonal skills, and management opportunities and challenges.

Semester One

PSY 441 OM | Adult Development and Lifelong Learning | 3 credits

The module introduces adult learners to both classical and contemporary adult learning theory. As students analyze adult learning theories, they will reflect on their own life experiences and review their strengths and motivations as adult learners. Adult learners will review the physical, psychological, and mental stages of learning development. Students will have an opportunity to reflect, think critically, and prepare written responses to readings in the field of adult development.

PSY 452 OM | Group and Organizational Dynamics | 3 credits

This module is a study of group behavior and how group functioning affects organizational effectiveness. Emphasis is placed on decision making and resolving conflict in groups. Students develop strategies for efficient and productive group management, and determine which tasks are best handled by groups or individuals

BUS 454 OM | Systems Approach to Management | 3 credits

This module explores the study of management from a systems perspective—an important approach to understanding and managing complex organizations in today’s fast-paced environment. Workplace and volunteer organizations are actually intricate systems made up of numerous interacting subsystems and a part of larger suprasystems. In managing complex systems, it is important to understand how the parts of the system (subsystems) and environment affect one another; action or change within a part necessarily affects other parts of the system. Managers who use a systems analysis perspective are better able to anticipate the outcomes of their actions relative to the organization as a whole and can use this understanding as a basis for making better decisions.

BUS 435 OM | Financial Intelligence | 3 credits

Financial intelligence will help students become familiar with the subject matter of business finance. The overall goals of the course are to help adult learners understand and speak the language of accounting/finance, use the information and tools presented to ask better questions, and ultimately to help them make better decisions and effectively lead their organizations through more informed decision-making.

Semester Two

SOC 341 OM | Leading Within Organizations | 3 credits

This module examines performance management, emotional intelligence and development of effective relationships in creating a productive work environment. Students will improve leadership skills through the study of motivational theories, leadership styles, conflict management approaches, and effective communication. Students develop a model for effective leadership.

PHL 403 OM | Personal Values and Organizational Ethics | 3 credits

This module enables students to formulate a personal philosophy of life; understand, analyze, and resolve ethical issues and dilemmas in business, nonprofit organizations, and government. Through readings, case studies, group discussion, examination of personal values and various ethical theories, students develop the intellectual ability for ethical analysis. A unique feature of the module is the integration of religious values and business to enable students to see how religious-based thinking can contribute to ethical decision-making in organizations. To demonstrate their skills in ethical decision-making, students write a final paper on a specific management related ethical dilemma they have experienced and present a proposed solution in class at the end of the module.

GED 300 OM | Humanities | 3 credits

This module introduces the adult learner to a serious study of literature. The students and professor will ask questions about what literature is, how it is made, and what its impact is on the reader. In large part, these goals will be achieved through reading, discussing, and writing about fiction, poetry, and drama. These activities, in addition to proving enjoyable, provide students the opportunity to re-examine and clarify their own values and beliefs.

BUS 402 OM | Strategic Management | 3 credits

The module takes learners through the process of executing a strategic plan with a view to the need for leading change, creating a learning organization, and incorporating multicultural awareness. A number of case studies are used to prepare the student for the decision making that is essential to effective strategic management.

Semester Three

MGT 390 OM | Project Management | 3 credits

Project management involves planning, organizing, managing, and controlling project activities to ensure that the project reaches objectives at the desired scope, cost, and schedule. The module prepares learners for the process of managing projects using the tools and techniques to make the project successful.

BUS 391 OM | Research Project Part 1 | 2 credits

This module introduces the adult learner to the applied research method and other research approaches. Under the guidance of a faculty advisor, the adult learner explores research possibilities, selects a manageable work-related research topic and critically reviews literature related to the selected topic.

MTH 350 OM | Statistical Methods and Research | 4 credits

Problem analysis and evaluation techniques are presented. Students are shown methods for defining, researching, analyzing, and evaluating a problem they would solve in their work or a vocational environment. Specific statistical information covered in the course include identifying and measuring objectives, collecting data, working with significance levels, analyzing variance, and constructing questionnaires. Please note that students will be required to use Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets.

BUS 392 OM | Research Project Part II | 4 credits

A continuation of BUS 391, this research block focuses on questionnaire construction, data collection, analysis and interpretation. The module requires the adult learner to prepare a final research report demonstrating knowledge acquired across the curriculum and the desired workforce skills of written communication, critical thinking and problem solving. Adult learners also present the results of their research orally to their cohort group at the end of the module.

Total credits: 37

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