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What to Expect with an Evaluation at WPS

The nature of the evaluation will determine the duration from initial interview appointment/phone call to feedback session, but in general, evaluations at Westside Psychological Services follow this format:

  • Clinician interview with client (adult evaluations) or parent/guardian: 1-2 hours, may be via phone or Zoom.
    • To discuss the needs of the case, determine what questions need answers, and what is the ultimate outcome the client is hoping for.
  • Semi-structured clinical interview: ~1 hour, in-person, typically with the initial testing appointment.
    • A formal clinical interview.
  • Initial testing: 2-4 hours per appointment, must be in-person.
    • Standardized and evidence-based using various evaluation tests.
  • Additional interviews with other family members, teachers, other providers: 1-2 hours if needed, may be via phone or Zoom.
    • To aid in the overall picture.
  • Additional testing as needed: 2-4 hours per appointment, must be in-person.
    • Often dependent on the results of the first round of tests.
  • Feedback appointment: 1 hour, may be via phone or Zoom
    • To discuss the comprehensive report, diagnos(e)s, recommendations, and answer any questions.

How should a client prepare for their first in-person appointment?

  • No preparation necessary, come as you are, in comfortable attire. WPS has water available for clients, and includes plenty of breaks as needed throughout the appointments.
  • It is helpful, but not necessary if clients/parents/guardians are able to bring any paperwork they feel would aid the clinician such as previous testing, IEP/504 plans, medical records, a list of medications, and academic records. WPS is able to make copies and return originals to the client. 

Can clients eat or drink during evaluations?

  • Clients are encouraged to bring a beverage and snack if they wish, but it is not necessary. We typically encourage clients to wait until break times to eat, so that they can focus fully on their assessments.

Why are evaluations so expensive?

  • Evaluations are time consuming for both clients and clinicians. In addition to the many hours of client-clinician interaction, clinicians spend hours independently researching cases, gathering historical and relevant information from other sources, scoring tests, on administrative paperwork/calls/notes, consulting with supervisors, and writing the formal comprehensive report. All of this, in addition to the high cost of testing materials (ranging from $500-$5000/test) factor into the cost. As a PsyD training clinic this allows us to keep our rates comparatively quite low, while still providing clients the same quality and value expected for a professional service of this nature.

Dr. Cheryl Repass, Clinic Director - 585.594.6720 - wps@roberts.edu