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2022-23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

School of Education and Social Work

Kristen Driskill, Ed.D., and Brenda McQuillan, Ph.D., LCSW, Co-Deans

The School of Education and Social Work brings together two professionally accredited programs with a long standing history of excellence in education at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

The merger of these two departments is no accident, as it strengthens both departments by providing a greater ability and opportunity to dream and create new programs, and modify existing one's by looking through a wider and more integrated lens. This school has just scratched the surface of providing innovative competency based education that maximizes the use of technology in and out of the classroom.

To find out more, check out both of the department web pages to view information about each program, the stellar faculty and customer service friendly staff, and the future of Education and Social Work locally, nationally and internationally.