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2015-16 Undergraduate Academic Catalog | College Costs

Itemized Charts and Fees

A. Tuition

Hours Per Semester


0 - 7

$603 per credit hour

7 ¼ - 11 ¾

$1,149 per credit hour


$13,788 flat rate

18 ¼ +
(flat rate of $13,176 plus)

$862 per credit hour above 18

B. Resident Fee Per Semester


20 Meal Plan:  $1,811
14 Meal Plan:  $1,766
5 Meal Plan:  $711 (only available for townhouse residents and commuter students)

Room $3,145

These fees do not include periods between semesters. For these periods, a daily charge of $15 is assessed for room only.

A single occupancy room, when available, is $500 extra per semester.

Married students should contact the Office of Student Development for housing assistance.

C. Books and Supplies

These items, estimated at $400 - $500 per semester, may be purchased at the College bookstore.

D. Class Dues

A concurrent resolution of the Student Senate and the four College classes has authorized class dues.

Dues are $26 per semester and will be placed on the student’s account.

E. New Student Fee

This is a one-time fee of $406 that includes ID processing, student orientation, and matriculation fee.

F. Nursing Costs

In addition to regular college fees, nursing students in their second year will need to purchase uniforms with an approximate cost of $200.

G. Supplementary Course Fees: 


Art (Art 102-475 except below)per course$100
Art (Art 235,335, 435)per course$150

Art (Art 300)

per course


Art (ART 422)per course$50
Art (ART 482)per course$70

Criminal Justice (CRJ 101)

per course


Criminal Justice (CRJ 203)

per course


Criminal Justice (CRJ 207/NSC 207)per course$95

Computer Programming (CSC 101, 130, 140, 141, 207, 240)

per course


First Year Seminar (GED 100)per course$50

Music (Applied)

1 hour


Music (Applied)

2+ hours


Music (Organ Rental)
(In addition to applied music fees)

per sem hr


Nursing (Clinical)(NSG 203)

per sem hr


Nursing (Clinical)
(NSG 203,303, 312-314, 402, 404, 405, 450)

per sem hr


Nursing (Health Issues) (NSG N360)per course$50

Physical Ed (Adventure Education) (PED 206)

per course


Physical Ed (Backpacking) (PED 120)

per course


Physical Ed (Bowling) (PED 102) not refundable after the first class sessionper course$115

Physical Ed (CPR) (PED 202)

per course


Physical Ed (Downhill Skiing) (PED 103) not refundable after the first class session

per course


Physical Ed (Elementary Phys. Ed) (PED 325)per course$175
Physical Ed (First Aid) (PED 201)per course$80

Physical Ed (Golf) (PED 117) not refundable after the first class session

per course


Physical Ed (Horsemanship) (PED 150-03) not refundable after the first class sessionper course$250
Physical Ed (Individual/Dual Sports) PPE 260per course$60
Physical Ed (Life Guard Training) (PED 104)per course$80
Physical Ed (WSI) (PED 106)per course$90

Physical Ed (Tae Kwn Do) (PED 123)

per course


Physical Ed (M. of Teaching PE) (PPE 325)per course$175
Physical Ed (Elementary PE) (PPE 315)per course$175

Psychology (PSY 522)

per course


Psychology (PSY 407)

per course


Science Labs (AST 201, BIO 200, ESC 101, PHY 115)

per course


Science Labs (PHY 101-102, 201-203)

per course


Science Labs (all others)

per course


Social Work (SWK 103, 104, 312)

per course


TED Pedagogical Workshop (EDU 095)per course$250
TED Pedagogical Workshop (EDU 096)per course$600

H. Audit Fees

Total hours of registration concurrently per semester

More than 12 (full-time):

per sem hr

no charge

Fewer than 12 (part-time):

per course


Students may not audit Applied Music courses, Nursing Clinical courses, internships, or Independent Study classes.

I. Miscellaneous Fees

Bounced Check Fee

per check


Computer Technology (12 semester hours or greater)

per semester


Counseling & Medical Support Fee
(7.5 semester hours or greater)

per semester


Medical Insurance Feeper yearNA

Directed Study

per course 
(in addition to standard rates)


Examination Credit
(10 semester hour limit)

per semester hour


Late Payment Fee

up to 2% per month

Parking Fee (Commuters Only)

per semester


Tuition for Summer Term/January Term

per semester hour


Tutorial Instruction Fee

per semester hour


CCCU Best Semester Fee & RWC off campus study programsper semester$150

J. Transcript Fee

A transcript can be requested in a variety of ways. Per federal law the College cannot release a transcript to a third party without the student’s signature. Please see the website link for the different methods of requesting the transcript. Depending on the delivery method the transcript may cost up to $9.00 per addressee.