As a student in the Media major, you will study communication technologies (such as digital and social media, film, journalism, television, radio, and the press) and learn how they impact communication, culture and the Christian faith. Your degree will do more than prepare you for a job— it will teach you to use your skills, talents, and media specialization to influence the world.


Program Highlights 


Career Options

Theoretical Understanding of Communication and Media Theory

What Will I Learn?

  • Media theory and practice— the content of the discipline
  • How you can make connections between your learning, your profession, and your life
  • The critical thinking and communication skills necessary to succeed as a media professional
  • The ethical standards and values necessary to communication responsibly
  • How to integrate your spiritual life and faith experience so you can be engaged with the world and culture

Coursework includes courses in media production and writing, media management, and media theory, as well as core courses in communication. Much of your learning will happen in professional internships which provide real-world work experience. You will choose a focused concentration outside of the media major such as business, marketing/advertising, visual arts/graphic design.


Where Can It Take Me?


  • iheartradio
  • ABC/WHAM13
  • Ad Agencies
  • Roberts Athletics Department


  • Journalist
  • Broadcaster
  • Videographer
  • Filmmaker
  • Digital media marketer
  • Educator
  • Media specialist

Grad Schools

  • Penn State
  • Maryland
  • Duquesne
  • Villanova
  • Syracuse

Who Will I Meet?

Jake Vileria 

Throughout my time at Roberts I have found that our community is like no other. Everyone is so down to earth and willing to stop and have a conversation with you. Along with that, the professors and other staff make the learning environment enjoyable, engaging, and extremely beneficial. I can not think of a better place I would want to receive an education.

Dr. Hojin Song

Dr. Song has earned her Ph.D. in Communication Studies (Media Studies) from the University of Iowa and joined the Communication department at Roberts in 2016. Her research interest includes food culture, women's identities, and media and globalization. When she's not researching and teaching, she likes to spend time watching South Korean television, going to art museums and music concerts, and exploring new restaurants being the foodie she is. Read more about Dr. Song here.

Alumni Success


Mike Kephart 

"My whole experience at Roberts was awesome! I met a lot of amazing people and professors like Dr. Song that helped me through college. My time at Roberts as a media major was extra special because I was the first student ever to graduate from the program! Professors like Dr. Song and many others really show you how interesting the program is and they make you love it! I’m currently  working in management as well as doing marketing and brand expansion! It’s taught me a lot but I’ve also been able to use what I learned at Roberts to help myself be successful as well!"

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B.A. Program Credits: 124

Major Requirements: 55 Hours
Concentration: 18 - 24 Hours

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