What Our Grads Say

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About Preparation for Law School

Chrissa de Vries Staunch

As a Child Advocate Attorney in Newark, NJ, I work in the Public Defender's Office representing abused and neglected children in their Family Court proceedings.  I'm also a full-time mom and wife. Analyzing and discussing issues in the philosophy and history classes at Roberts helped prepare me for Law School.  The professors made learning fun and dynamic.  The small class size enabled everyone to participate and engage in the learning experience.  So, as an introvert, I was challenged to express and explain ideas, which prepared me for my career later on as an advocate attorney.

The Christian education sets Roberts apart from the typical college experience.  The weekly chapel provided deeply powerful worship and fellowship with other students, staff, and professors.  The encouragement that I received from the speakers and music was an integral part of my journey with Christ during college and beyond.

- Chrissa de Vries Staunch

About Study Abroad Experiences

Karoline Schwenker

My favorite memories from Roberts came from the History Department’s trip to Italy. I could finally understand that the events of the past were not merely amazing stories or great lessons that could be applied to my life; people of the present are still connected to those events. The actions of people in the past reverberate through time and impact how we live, think, and speak. In Italy, it was far easier to see this than in such a young country as America.

I have my M.A. in Museum Studies and now work at a facility where I work with museums and galleries every day. I am the Client Service Manager at Fortress in New York City. I work with clients domestically & internationally from beginning to end, handling their artifacts, paintings, manuscripts, and textiles. I schedule pickups, deliveries, & installations, perform condition reports, inventory every item that enters the facility, and manage the art handlers. I have worked with everything from contemporary art to classical works & the impressionists, dinosaur fossils to ancient artifacts from Greece & Italy, sports memorabilia to collections from the golden age of Hollywood. It is truly the most diverse position, and I would never have imagined I would get to do this job.

There is no way a person can work in the field of history and not have a liberal arts education. History is made up of mathematicians, scientists, sociologists, doctors, nurses, teachers, farmers, bankers, police, governments, etc. How can anyone study archeology or work in a museum setting and not be familiar with all aspects of life? In order to work with my clients and manage their collections, I have to be familiar with their occupations and know the story behind those objects that I will be handling.

- Karoline Schwenker

About the Professors

One of the strongest aspects of the History program at Roberts Wesleyan College was the personal interest that the professors took in my performance and my life... The requirements of the classes gave me the ability and knowledge to develop a disciplined academic life that has led to other educational opportunities. My contact with students from other colleges has shown that the History program at Roberts can compete with the programs of major universities in the country. I feel that my time and money were well spent as a History major at Roberts Wesleyan College.

- Robert Richard

About the Courses

Being a part of the History program at RWC was one of the best parts of my college experience. I was able to learn about many different areas of history, from Late Medieval England to Modern America. Having such a range of topics and classes not only gave me a wider base of historical knowledge but is helping me be able to pursue a higher degree that combines some of these different facets of history.

- Jessie Spressart

About the History Department

If you appreciate the grandeur of history, with all its glory, shame and ambiguity, the Roberts Wesleyan History Department will not disappoint you. If you have a low view of history, thinking that you can manipulate it for some narrow political or religious agenda, Roberts will change you. At least that was my experience. I am a different person today, both intellectually and spiritually, because of the history department at Roberts.

- The Rev. Alexander M. Burgess IV

The Roberts History Department helped prepare me for teaching social studies, but not in the way one might expect. Although I felt confident in my knowledge of middle school social studies content, it was the research and writing skills gained from my history classes that have helped me in my lesson planning and teaching of different historical perspectives. The history department also expanded my worldview which has helped me in entering the workforce and working with a diverse range of children and adults.

- Jody Otabara

As a lifelong student in history I was greatly encouraged by my professors in the Roberts Wesleyan History Department to pursue my career in teaching. My experience in the department has given me a depth of knowledge and critical thinking skills that are invaluable in teaching the next generation to think deeply about history and its influence on the future.

The classes allowed me to explore areas of interest and challenged me to expand my way of thinking. The professors enabled me to grow as a student, writer, historian, and teacher. One of the highlights of my time in the History Department was the historical trip to Scotland and England, which was my very first trip abroad!

Since graduation, I have been teaching in Monroe County in various school districts. In addition, I recently began pursuing my Master's Degree in American Studies after being encouraged by my professors to continued my studies in the field of History. Without the support of the Roberts Wesleyan History Department, I would not be the teacher I am today.

- Lindsay Canon (2014 B.S. Adolescent Ed for Social Studies/History)