Economic Crime Investigation

The Economic Crime Investigation (ECI) program is an interdisciplinary major that blends courses from Criminal Justice, Accounting, and Computer Science. Students are given a firm foundation in the procedures of criminal investigation and preparation of evidence for the justice system in the Criminal Justice courses required. In addition, students learn accounting, auditing, and an understanding of the computer systems that are used in today’s businesses.

Develop business, computer and investigative skills to solve white-collar crimes.

College graduates with this type of specialized education and training are in-demand to effectively deal with sophisticated white-collar and financial crime made possible by our technological age.

  • Fraud and other so-called “white-collar” crimes have increased dramatically since 1993, both within the United States and globally. The Federal Bureau of Investigation estimates that white-collar crime currently costs the United States about $300 billion annually. Many private estimates are even higher. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) places the number at $600 billion, which is about 6% of total revenues.
  • Corporate and government employers are calling for qualified professionals with accounting, computer, and investigative skills to deal with complex economic crimes that exist in the contemporary workplace.

Take advantage of specialized tools and resources for your education.

  • Students in the ECI program will have access to a newly equipped Computer Security and Forensics lab where they will be able to work with specialized tools in support of their course work.
  • Students will take additional courses that will help them pursue becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).
  • Students will take additional computer science courses that will prepare them for either the technical side of law enforcement or working on the prevention of crime through computer security.

Students are encouraged to participate in Enactus – Roberts Wesleyan’s chapter of the global non-profit organization active in over 40 countries and territories which develops community outreach projects that make social, economic and environmental difference.


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