Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I do with a degree in Computer Science?

  • Students in CS are prepared for a wide spectrum of jobs in the programming.
  • Opportunities for CS professionals include product development in traditional computer industries and information processing development in non-computer businesses.
  • CS programming skills are in demand in almost every field from health care and the sciences, through the entertainment industry.


Why choose Computer Science at Roberts Wesleyan?

  • Roberts blends a solid background in the technical disciplines of Computer Science with a foundation in the Liberal Arts, including the skills needed to communicate effectively and understand the global marketplace.
  • The small class sizes allow the professors to spend one-on-one time with students enabling them to learn more effectively and to pursue interests that might be outside the formal curriculum.


What are some interesting courses I might take?

  • Students in CS take an integrated sequence of programming courses that start with the basics of programming in Python
  • Advanced object-oriented development in Java
  • Introductory course in software engineering
  • All of these courses emphasize learning through hands-on programming experience. The curriculum also includes an introduction to computer hardware and programming algorithms. Upper-level courses in networking, security, graphics, databases, computer forensics, and other courses are available as electives as the student completes their program.


What are Roberts Wesleyan College graduates doing now?

  • Large and small corporations and other organizations in a range of industries, including both hardware and software companies
  • Information providers, and a wide variety of non-technical industries
  • S/W developers
  • Some work in networking and computer support
  • Leadership/management positions