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I do not feel ready to choose a major. Should I wait to go to college until I am more certain?

Deciding when you are ready for college is a personal decision that must be made carefully.  National statistics suggest that many students enter college without having decided upon a major.  Many more students change their majors before graduation.  These statistics suggest that it is natural for students to be exploratory.  You might have some ideas about your academic and career interests, but you have limited experience or knowledge about the field.  You might be interested in several possible paths, and need time to explore your options in order to make a more thoughtful decision about a major.  Students who enjoy learning across a wide variety of disciplines and are open to several academic and career paths may have a rich and rewarding college experience.  We believe that exploration in college should be expected and celebrated!

In order to maximize your success, you need to be committed to actively participating and exploring your options.  You also need a supportive environment to guide and facilitate your exploration.  If you bring the former, we will provide that latter!

How do I enroll in the AEP?

You may select AEP as your major during the application process.  You may transfer into your chosen major at any point during your first four semesters.  

When do I need to declare a major?

Because of the nature of knowledge in the field, and accreditation requirements, some majors require earlier decisions that others.  Guidelines for when you would need to declare particular majors are available to all AEP students through their advisors.  

Will I be able to graduate on time?

Yes!  The Academic Exploration Program at Roberts Wesleyan College was designed to take advantage of the rich general education program that is built into the curriculum for every student on campus.  During their freshman year, students will sample from a wide variety of general education classes that are graduation requirements for all students.  Many students find their major as a result of taking these classes.  If you have ideas about other majors that are of interest,  your advisor will help you select an appropriate course from those disciplines early in your academic career, so that you can gain further knowledge to help in your decision process.  As noted above, some majors require an early decision.  Your advisor will work closely with you to help ensure that you keep on track.  You must also be committed to actively participating in the exploration process, taking advantage of the many opportunities offered.   

What majors and minors are available at Roberts Wesleyan College?

You can find a list of our academic programs by visiting our majors and programs page.