Meet the Staff

Meet the Orientation Staff

Brenda Myrthil

Associate Dean for Student Programming & Leadership


Molly Perrin '20

 Social Work


Favorite Memory of Her Orientation Experience:

Brenda: “Coming from a small rural town, I remember the excitement of meeting more people during that first weekend than the number of people who live in my town!”

Molly: “Getting to know everyone at the taco fiesta with President Porterfield! (Who doesn't love unlimited guac?!)”

When not preparing for an amazing Orientation weekend, she can be found doing:

Brenda: “Training for my next marathon.”

Molly: “Binge-watching the latest Netflix series while cuddling with one of my dogs!”

She is often seen…

Brenda: “With her water bottle filled with cucumber water.”

Molly: “In the library or Starbucks with an iced coffee in one hand and a laptop in the other.”

Best Tip on starting your new adventure at Roberts:

Brenda: “Make a point to go to at least one event or activity every day for the first 40 days of the semester.”

Molly: “Get involved and push yourself out of your comfort zone. College is filled with so many amazing opportunities- you just have to seek them out!”

Brenda and Molly silly pose