Music - A Passion to Discover

page26-2Paul Shewan is a Professor of Instrumental Music and the Conductor of the Roberts Wind Ensemble and Orchestra. He also performs in the trumpet section of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. Paul is passionate about making music and sets a high bar for himself and his students, who are challenged to become better musicians both on and off the stage.


Dynamic, engaging and passionate about his music and his God describes David Chin, Instructor of Choral Studies and Conductor of the Roberts Wesleyan College Chorale. At Roberts, the winter tours are often a highlight of the year for our students. Students will perform concerts and choral clinics in various venues during this one-week winter tour. Bonded by a passion for compelling musical performance and a desire for meaningful Christian fellowship, the Chorale is an ensemble of talented singer-artists who combine their gifts to cultivate excellence in choral singing. page26-3

page26-4Mike Van Allen, Professor of Jazz Studies and Conductor of the Roberts Jazz Ensemble, takes student performers at any level and helps them discover their potential. The Roberts Jazz Ensemble and various combos perform on-and-off the campus throughout the year.