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NES Faculty & Staff News

Dr. Brian Babcock, former assistant dean and director of the D.Min. program, co-authored a book titled “God in Story,” the third volume in The Gathering Place Series from Resource Publications. He also co-authored “Radical: A Discipling Journey with Jesus,” which will be produced out of the Orlando Fellowship this fall.


Donald Bastian, one of the Seminary’s Core lecturers and bishop emeritus of the Free Methodist Church of North America, has released a book titled “The Pastor’s First Love and Other Essays on a High and Holy Calling.”


Lisa Bennett, Associate Vice President for Communication and Enrollment, presented a lecture on marketing and engaging members of the media, using social networking, and building relationships through websites, e-publications and activities for the Amherst Chamber of Commerce At-Home Business “U.”


Dr. Douglas Cullum, Vice President and Dean, led a workshop on “Biblical Interpretation Through a Different Lens” for A Day Apart, a series offered at Lima Presbyterian Church. He and Dr. Nijay Gupta, Assistant Professor of Biblical Theology and Exegesis, consulted at the Arthur Vining Davis Interfaith Dialogue in Chicago, Ill.


page22-1 Dr. Tim Dwyer, Professor of Christian Scriptures, served as keynote speaker for the Minister’s Institute of the Northeast for pastors and leaders of the Northeast conferences of the Free Methodist Church. The theme of the conference was The Christian Message and Ministry in the Book of Acts.


Peter Englert, Director of Admissions, preached at Batavia Assembly of God in Batavia, N.Y., on June 9. page22-2


page22-3 Dr. Nijay Gupta recently wrote an article on the term and theme of faith in Scripture for the Lexham Bible Dictionary, published by Logos Bible Software. Even though the dictionary articles continue to be written and published, you can purchase the dictionary now for your computer, and, as articles are completed, they are automatically added to your dictionary. Dr. Gupta’s article on faith should be available in early 2014.


Dr. Rebecca Letterman, Associate Professor of Spiritual Formation, led a seminar in spring 2013 for Roberts Wesleyan College Master of Science in Nursing students in ways of addressing compassion fatigue, including issues of self-care and secondary stress. page22-4


page22-5 Dr. J. Richard Middleton, Professor of Biblical Worldview and Exegesis, organized and chaired the annual meeting of the Canadian Evangelical Theological Association, held in conjunction with the Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences in June. His essay, “Samuel Agonistes: A Conflicted Prophet’s Resistance to God and Contribution to the Failure of Israel’s First King,” was published in :Prophets, Prophecy and Ancient Israelite Historiography: (Eisenbraun, 2013).


Rev. Andy Sass, adjunct faculty member, will serve as the lead pastor of Brockport Free Methodist Church, beginning in September. He has served the past six years as lead pastor at Northgate Free Methodist Church in Batavia, N.Y.