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May 10, 2024

Students Share: Why I Chose Roberts

For who you are becoming and what you’ll do, is Roberts Wesleyan University the right choice for you?

To gain insights into why students choose Roberts University, we spoke with some current undergraduates, including Aaron Hitchcock, the student association president and an orientation staff member. One of Aaron's fondest memories is tossing a frisbee on the lawn of Cox Hall during his freshman year. That impromptu game forged bonds with several classmates who have become his closest friends throughout their collegiate journey.

Aaron Hitchcock headshot

We hope these insights inspire you and your decision on where to attend this fall!

As the youngest of his siblings, Aaron Hitchcock ‘24 (Biochemistry) from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is the last in his family to attend Roberts Wesleyan University. His sisters Courtney Hitchcock ‘17 (Communication and Media Studies), and Caleigh Hitchcock Rudolph ‘21 (Biology) are alumna. 

Pursuing higher education was a tradition upheld by the family, all three children followed the path laid by their parents, Melanie and James Hitchcock, attending Roberts and following in their footsteps.

A group of 10 people stand with shovels at the groundbreaking for the Golisano Community Engagement Center.

Caleigh Hitchcock Rudolph, fourth from the left, breaking ground for the Golisano Community Engagement Center.

She was also the Student Association President when she was a senior at Roberts.

What stood out to you when you visited the campus for the first time?

When I first visited campus, I felt this strong sense of “this is home.” That immediate feeling, as well as the warmth and genuineness of everyone I interacted with, definitely stood out to me.

Aaron Hitchcock and fellow student with a therapy dog.

President Dr. Rupert A. Hayles Jr. and Aaron Hitchcock smile and shake hands.

How did your family's experience at Roberts impact your decision to choose Roberts?

Seeing how my sisters were able to become so involved in campus life, as well as how they talked about the student community, definitely influenced my decision to choose Roberts and become a part of the community.

Students, including Aaron Hitchcock, study in the Golisano Community Engagement Center.

Has there been a person who has mentored you that stands out?

Celeste Donleavy, assistant dean of students and adjunct professor for the first-year seminar, has been an amazing mentor! She has influenced my development as both a student and a leader in my time at Roberts!

Celeste Donleavy headshot.

The Roberts decision day deadline is May 15, 2024.  

No worries if you have applied yet, it’s free to APPLY.

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