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May 3, 2024

Students Share: Why I Chose Roberts

Dawson Levan headshot

For who you are becoming and what you’ll do, is Roberts Wesleyan University the right choice for you?

We asked some current university students to share their input on why they chose Roberts. 

We hope these insights inspire you and your decision on where to attend this fall!

Dawson LeVan chose a smaller university with the ability to create relationships

When Dawson LeVan ‘25 (Communication), from Charleston, South Carolina, visited Roberts Wesleyan University for the first time, to him it felt like a close-knit community. Roberts was no stranger to LeVan; his family members are alumni, so he had always known about the small, caring university on the west side of Rochester with an academic experience anchored in Christian faith and values. Read on to see which past president is LeVan's grandfather!

Devan Levan smiles in front of sunset

How is your academic experience helping you to explore your program of study?

LeVan: Since Communication is a very broad major, we as students, have the privilege of going down any avenue that fits our liking. Whether that’s more media-based or more theory-based, it’s all under Communication, and it’s very easy to explore all aspects of the major.

Can you share about one academic skill that you have developed?

LeVan: One skill I developed at Roberts was speaking in class and in public. Being able to contribute to an active conversion in our classes is so important because it allows for growth and expansion while we learn about a particular topic. 

I have been a News Intern with 13WHAM ABC in Rochester this semester and public speaking has been invaluable in my internship. It is something I will be using in the work field I want to go into, and getting practice in the classroom has made such a positive difference in my abilities.

Who has mentored you for transformative learning experiences and character development?

LeVan: I am on the Track & Field team here at Roberts as a thrower, and my Throws Coach Roy Hawkins has been such a positive influence in my time here. He has taught me so much not only about throwing but also life lessons and the importance of discipline and patience.

Roy Hawkins headshot Dawson Levan throws during a meet.

How did your family's experience impact your decision to choose Roberts?

LeVan: I really wanted to continue the legacy my family has here at Roberts Wesleyan University, and I fell in love with the campus after I toured here. So I feel extremely lucky that I had the opportunity to come here and follow in my family’s footsteps.

LeVan’s Supporting Family: His mother and sister are alumni. His grandparents are Bill and Rilla Crothers. William Crothers served as President of Roberts and Northeastern Seminary from 1981-2002.

Bill and Rilla Crothers smile.

The Roberts decision day deadline is May 15, 2024.  

No worries if you have applied yet, it’s free to APPLY.

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