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February 5, 2024

Student Spotlight: Shoun Francis ‘24 (Computer Science)

“To be honest, I had doubts about Computer Science as my major. It is a major that requires a lot of work, and it sounded very hard. But now I know if I had not pursued it, I would have missed out on so many opportunities.” 

Meet Shoun Francis ‘24, a Computer Science student! He has grown academically and personally at Roberts Wesleyan University, which reflects what it means to get an education focused on character.

Shoun smiles in front of the clock tower on campus.

How has studying at Roberts helped you grow?

Roberts has helped me be confident in my coding abilities. Coding can sometimes be a lot, but with the help of professors and peers, it’s not bad. 

Roberts has also shown me multiple ways of problem-solving creatively. Computer Science is a hard major, but when you learn its tricks, I promise it’ll be fun.

Shoun smiles. You can see a body of water behind him.

What is the best thing about studying your major?

The best thing about my major is learning not just one thing but many things, from using Java, Python, C++, and SQL to making professional websites, games, and databases. 

For example, I created a whole database for a restaurant in my database class. I would have never thought I would be doing things like this in college… but I’ve learned to expect the unexpected.

To be honest, I had doubts about Computer Science as my major. It is a major that requires a lot of work, and it sounded very hard. But now I know if I had not pursued it, I would have missed out on so many opportunities.

A dark background which shows files and the work that went into Shoun's restaurant database project.

A screenshot of the restaurant database project

What course has been your favorite?

My favorite courses so far have to be between Web Design 1 (CSCI 2810) and Computer Science 1 (CSCI 2010).

In Web Design, I learned to make professional websites while learning HTML. It was a great class because I wasn’t really into web development until I realized it was something I could do. 

In the first CSCI class, I made a one-level game based on a game I played in my childhood. I had a lot of fun with that project.

Shoun wears a suit and smiles.

What academic accomplishment are you most proud of?

Making the Dean’s List in all of my semesters so far!

Some semesters are easier than others, but I have made sure that no matter what, my grades have been good. I am so proud of myself for that. 

What is the most helpful advice you’ve received?

Learn from yesterday, Live for today, and Hope for tomorrow. -Albert Einstein

The past teaches you a lot of things. If you learn from your past, your future will be bright. 

What is your favorite quote or verse and why?

Matthew 6:33: “But seek first the kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” 

This is our family verse, and we live by it every day.

Faculty Feedback

Anthony Petrillo holds a big dog on his lap and smiles.

“Shoun is one of those students that professors dream to teach. He is respectful, hardworking, and quick to learn. He has a contagious smile that encourages the entire class. I am looking forward to the coming semester when Shoun and I will be working on a project that will make a big difference for primary schools in Africa. He will be changing lives with his computer education from Roberts.”

-Anthony Petrillo, Associate Professor of Computer Science

Karen Scheske headshot.

“Shoun is not only a good student but also a good tutor. This has been Shoun's first semester as a tutor for The Learning Center and he has been one of our most requested tutors. His fun and caring personality, his sense of responsibility, and his being a good student are just the qualities we look for in our tutors. I know that I can count on Shoun!”

-Karen Scheske, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

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